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Democracy for President

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Democracy for President

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Democracy for President

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In a survey fielded by More in Common in August 2020 83% of Americans said they are worried about how divisions in our country is a threat to our democracy. At the same time, 78% said Americans still had more in common than what divides us. As the country approaches the election in November that we don’t let politics further divide us. We can have a vigorous election while still making sure we stay true to our democratic ideals and institutions. It will be up to every American to do their part to help us keep our democracy strong.

DemocracyforPresident is an initiative run by More in Common to help provide Americans with unbiased research, guidance and support for what they can do in their local community to strengthen our democracy this election cycle. More in Common is a nonpartisan nonprofit that works to bring Americans together around shared values and beliefs.

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